2019 Season at Saratoga Speedway brings you lots of excitement

2019 Season at Saratoga Speedway brings you lots of excitement

Saratoga Speedway is set to open Saturday night, May the 4th.  This will be the 51st year of the popular speedway, located in Black Creek, half way between Campbell River and the Comox Valley, on Macauley Road.  The present owners have owned and operated Saratoga Speedway since 1981.   

Look for your 2019 racing schedule in your mailbox next week.  This year’s events will see a few changes, with an emphasis on “Speed Where it Belongs” offering more dates to put your daily driver on the track, ideal for anyone that holds a valid drivers licence including “L” and “N”.    The monthly Autocross Dates are held on Sunday’s, after the Go-Kart Rentals finish at 4 pm, driver registration begins at 3:30.   The course changes every race and is laid out with the use of pylons, creating a technical driving experience.  Each car is outfitted with a transponder to record your time, and if you upset or hit a pylon, 2 seconds are added to your time. Everyone is welcome, look at the autocross header on the website:  saratogaracing.ca. 

Picking up where we left off last season is the Street Outlaw Drag Racing programs.  There are a great number of Drag racing enthusiasts that like the “Heads Up” style of racing, where the first car at the finish line wins, not using a handicap or “dialing in” system.  The 1/16th mile drag strip is proving to be a great equalizer, as the high horsepower cars have to contend with the no preparation racing surface, with lower horse power cars relying on skill to win.   The real winner is the spectators, as the race program moves quickly, nothing is better than drag racing under the lights.  The drag program will run on Saturday nights until the end of June and then move to Friday nights for July and August.    Time attack will be a feature on all the drag race programs, open to anyone with a need for speed in their own street car. In Time attack, no pylons are used, cars will be outfitted with a transponder and use the 5/8ths mile track with the up and down hair pin section and the best parts of  the 3/8ths mile track.  No preparation is required, just put on a helmet and learn to drive your car, and put speed where it belongs. 

Monster Trucks will appear twice this season, May and August long weekends.  The IMCA Modifides which have raced at Saratoga Speedway for the past 20 years have formed their own support group with emphasis on helping new drivers to join this exciting open wheel division.  Wilroc Sprint cars will be the fastest cars featured this year, with 3 points races at Saratoga this season,  two in July and one in August.  The annual Big Rig Highway Thunder event will return, along with the ever popular Logging Truck Rodeo, you can watch as the self loading grapples normally used to load logs tear cars apart and throw pieces of them around.

The 2019 racing season will  feature two Crash to Pass Boat Races, a perpetual crowd favourite, where the winner is declared to the competitor with the largest piece of boat remaining attached to the rear of the crash car.  September long weekend will be “say good bye to camping” as cars drag and demolish campers and travel trailers, and like the boats, the winner is declared to the vehicle with the largest piece still attached.    

Every race weekend will feature a different mix of live motorsports entertainment.  Hornet Cars are a 4 cylinder car, like Honda Civics, Volkswagen Golfs, Chevy Cavaliers,  driven by drivers as young as 11 years old, after completing the driving school that Saratoga Speedway offers.  The Dunn Right Towing Mad Max Extreme Racing division is our latest class, and the only division that allows 6 cylinder cars (and minivans).  Drivers can rub and bump their opponents to get to the front of the race.  The Crash to Pass Division is exactly that, a driver has to clobber his opponent to make a legal pass.  You have to wait to the last lap to see who wins. 

The Bomber Cars and Road Runners are V 8 engine classes, driving skill is the separating factor for winners, as no contact is permitted.  New for this season, but not new to the track will be the return of the Figure 8 cars.  Two large tires will be staged on the front straight stretch and drivers will have to cross in the middle.  These exciting 4 cylinder cars are easy to build, and almost as much fun to watch as they are to drive.

The 2019 racing season begins Saturday May 4th with gates opening at 5:30, racing action at 7pm.  Opening night will feature Crash to Pass Cars, Hornet Cars, Figure 8 cars and the Incredible Mad Max Extreme Race cars.  As always, at the start and end our season there will be a massive fireworks display.  The racing program goes rain or shine, a presentation of First Insurance and Credit Union, in Courtenay. 

Bring out the family and enjoy one of last real live outdoor shows on the central north island.   Saratoga Speedway has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol or drug use anywhere on our property, a family entertainment facility that all ages can safely enjoy. 

For more information, our Facebook  page is a great source for up to the minute race track news.

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