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NEW YEAR’S ENDURO – 2pm rain, snow or shine

enduro rules and information - RAIN-SNOW-SHINE

Saratoga Speedway ENDURO events are scheduled to take place  Rain or Shine! No more will race-addicts bow to Mother Nature year after year; stare at a closed speedway and just wait for spring! Who needs the guarantee of a perfectly dry track when we have Hornet Cars, racers with warm suits, pop-up canopies for the pits and a willing crew of track officials? Not us apparently, and that’s just fine so let’s race; bring the family!!


  • $1,000.00 to win
  • 2-hours or 200 laps of racing; whichever comes first
  • Green-flag drops at 2 pm sharp and checkered-flag drops on the leader at 4pm or after 200 laps completed
  • Anyone in good-standing with an approved race car and personal safety equipment is invited to race
  • Hornet cars only; special construction and safety rules posted on SMP website under the “New Years Hornet Enduro” tab
  • Registration is not required. 
  • No-limit car-count
  • All cars will be safety inspected; cars deemed to not meet the rules at the discretion of track officials will not be permitted; no exceptions
  • Draw for starting lineup  

Racing Rules

  • 2022 Standard Saratoga Speedway racing rules are applicable with some modifications as noted here
  • Rolling double-file start and re-starts
  • No passing under caution
  • Cars involved in caution will be placed at the back of the longest line for restart
  • Over aggressive driving causing caution will result in loss of lap and reposition at the back of the longest line for restart (at the sole-discretion of track officials)
  • No “Breakout Rule”
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to victory lane immediately following checkered flag, and before going directly to the tech pad; fourth place go directly to tech-pad following the checkered flag for inspection.


  • Review and conform to “Enduro” Construction Rules (Based on existing Hornet rules)
  • All cars must have numbers clearly visible as described in the “Hornet Rules book” Rule #20



Registration: Free

Back gate: $25

Front gate: $10

  • Hot food concession will be open in the pits and on the concourse


11:00 Pits open at back-gate; 
  • Individual pit stalls will be first come first serve and chosen at the back gate upon entry; 2-stalls per entrant;
  • Plan accordingly: All cars must arrive at back gate before 12:30 to provide time to inspected, have hot laps and drivers meeting then green flag at 2pm; 
  • Personal tow vehicles will be permitted to remain in the infield as space permits for warmth/safety;
  • Hot food and drinks will be available in the concession.
11:00 – 12:45 Safety inspections
1:00pm – 1:30 (approximately) Hot Laps  Please have your transponder mounted for Hot Laps
1:30 Driver’s meeting & draw for position and directly to staging on front straight
1:50 All cars staged on front straight
1:55 Start parade laps; final staging
2:00 Green Flag
4:00 (or 200 laps completed) Checkered Flag
  • Top three to the podium
  • Top three to the tech pad after podiu0

Construction and Safety Rules 


  2. All existing construction rules are in effect with the exception of modifications noted in this document notwithstanding 


  1. Tires:
    • Aluminum or steel rims up to 15”, maximum 7” width, with DOT approved tires no wider than 185/any profile . Minimum 400 tread-wear rating
    • Wheel spacers not allowed
  2. Cars must have front and rear tow straps/chains
  3. All flammable materials removed from interior except the dash
  4. Anti-freeze authorized for Enduro race only
  5. Minimum cage/roll-bar regulations:
    • 4-point roll-bar/cage consisting of 2-uprights spanning from the frame rails to within 6” of roof, an attached cross-bar spanning the top of the uprights, and 2 attached back-stays welded to the top of the uprights or to the cross-bar spanning the cross-bar/uprights to the rear frame rail or stiffener using minimum 1.75” OD 0.095” wall thickness steel tubes and fastened as per Hornet Rules
    • Passenger side door-bar recommended but not mandatory
    • 2” OD steel tube cross-brace between behind driver spanning the door-bars recommended but not mandatory
    • NOTE: Driver side door bar mandatory as per standing Hornet rules
    • NOTE: Doors must be welded or chained shut as per standing Hornet rules
    • NOTE: Contact Hornet Tech Directors for further guidance on rules and cage-builds.
  6. All personal safety equipment rules are mandatory as per standing Hornet rules
  7. Harness and window nets are mandatory as per standing Hornet rules
  8. All cars must clearly display car number as described in Hornet Rulebook under “Hornet Rules” Rule #20. In addition all cars must start with their number clearly indicated on the rear bumper/trunk lid so as to be clearly visible to the trailing driver to assist in RaceCeiver controlled line-ups. Contrasting colour tape is acceptable.