Industry and School Bus Drivers

Industry and School Bus Drivers

“We had a very valuable and wonderful experience during the driving seminar, we highly recommend this course to any driver.” 

Steve Hrybko, Head School Bus Driver, School district 72


This advanced driving course is only offered at the Car Control Center at Saratoga.


Not just anybody should get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle or School Bus.

School bus drivers for example are compassionate, good-hearted individuals, gifted with a keen sense of awareness.  

They are responsible for the safety of every passenger riding the bus.  They manage up to 72 passengers while operating a large commercial vehicle and monitoring traffic and road conditions. 

School Busses drive in almost every weather and road conditions and even the most defensive driver will encounter situations which can require advanced bus control skills.

Our Advanced Driving Course for Industry Drivers is teaching vehicle control skills beyond any traditional  driver education.



Course Topics:

  • Emergency ABS braking on slippery surfaces, while keeping the vehicle under control
  • Slalom exercises to feel the vehicle limitations and weight transfer
  • Eye scanning techniques, how to avoid target fixation 
  • Oversteer (skid) exercises, simulated on wet road surface
  • Better hand position on steering wheel and seating positions
  • Collision avoidance exercises












Car Control Center at Saratoga



Please contact us, we will try to suit your schedule



4 hrs



$99 per driver plus GST, including hot and cold beverages and the certificate of completion


For general questions or inquiries please contact:


Phone/text: 1 250 830 4223


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