Auto Cross and Time Attack

Auto Cross and Time Attack

What is Auto Cross?  Auto Cross is a single participant controlled driving exercise.  A course is set up using several hundred cones on the 3/8 mile oval and the 5/8 mile motorcycle and drag course.  Any safe vehicle can be used to complete the course, and performance is measured by a timing device attached to the car, there is a time penalty for hitting cones.  The intent of the sport is to improve your driving and performance, to see how fast and smooth one can complete the course.  A new and different course is used for each event.

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2019 Autocross Schedule will be added in full as it gets finalized


Autocross Info

This is a rain or shine events (extreme track conditions may still result in an event being called off), and if you are under 16 years and have taken our Speedway’s driving school you are invited, but you must have a parent with you.

Cost is $45.00 per Driver, includes a transponder, $15.00 for pit passes. Grand stand is not open to the public.




Time Attack

For our Time Attack Events we use the full oval track, as well as the hair pin corner to give you a full track experience. We’re trying something new this year and instead of one car on the track, we’ll start with a qualifying round to determine your cars lap times and will put 3 cars on the track at once, spaced out, with no passing . We allow any mechanically safe type of street car, or race car attempt the course with the single goal of completing it as quickly as possible.

Time Attack currently happens every night we host our Saratoga Street Outlaw Drag Racing, and time attack can compete in the Drag Racing portion as well.

2019 Street Outlaw Drag Racing, and Time Attack schedule is :

Saturday June 1st, Saturday June 8th, Friday July 5th, Friday August 9th, Saturday September 7th and Saturday September 21st. Registration at 530 ; Event starts at 7pm.

Costs, Drivers $50.00 and includes a Transponder Rental , Pit Passes $15.00 each.

You can find a sample of what the course looks like below: