Corporate Driver Training

Corporate Driver Training

“We had a very valuable and wonderful experience during the driving seminar. We highly recommend Saratoga Car Control Courses for every driver”

Steve Hrybko, Head Bus Driver, School District 72



About Advanced Car Control:

Driving is the one daily chore that can prove to be fatal. Providing a safe environment for all your employees is a must.

Our Corporate Car Control Course will help to make your employees better drivers. Not only during their daily driving routine for your company but also safer on their commute to and from the work place.





If your vehicles are covered by fleet insurance, less accidents also mean cheaper insurance rates for your company.



You certainly don’t allow your employees to operate dangerous machinery with minimal training. So why allow them to work or transport to and from the work place with minimal driver training.

Our Advanced Driver training sessions will improve your employees driving skills and confidence while helping to develop team building skills.



  • Beside the great learning aspect, our Corporate Car Control Courses are an exciting team building activity,
  • make a unique christmas or birthday party alternative and…
  • bring plenty of excitement to any company conference 


Our Corporate Car Control Program can be tailored to suit your company needs, objectives, budget, time constraints and the number of participants. 


1/2 day (4hrs) Course Topics:

  • Panic/Emergency braking: Students will learn the proper techniques to stop their car in the shortest distance, while maintaining direction and control over the vehicle.
  • Advantages and Limitations of ABS (Anti Lock Brakes)
  • Collision Avoidance: Students learn proper eye scanning and making split second decisions and lane changes to avoid incoming obstacles
  • Precision driving: Exploring the true dimensions of your vehicle
  • Slalom exercises: Students negotiate the car around evenly spaced cones. Focus is vehicle weight transfer, proper hand position on the steering wheel and eye scanning
  • Skid Pad Exercises: Simulation of slippery road conditions, teaching students the proper recovery from both, over and understeer skids.
  • Introduction into drifting (oversteering) and how to control it











1/2 day course $99 per person plus GST, including hot and cold beverages and the certificate of completion

Your employees can bring their own cars, if you do not have a car, we have rental cars available for a minimum fee.


For general questions or inquiries please contact:


Phone/text: 1 250 830 4223


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