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Practice Registration


Pre-registration is required for admission to the practice night. If this form as well as the waiver (see the information page on the website) is not completed and recorded admission will be denied.

Cost: $20 car & driver; $10 per pit crew, pay on arrival at the track.

Please note: Due to COVID we will have only be able to have a Driver and 2 pit crew.

Car Information

Crew #1

Crew #2

Driver’s Information



The present state of pandemic restrictions delineated by the Federal and Provincial governments via current VIHA orders and guidelines are conducive to a return to limited motorsports activities and other limited operations at Saratoga Speedway. In order to meet the requirements of current orders, SMP management has delineated internal rules and guidelines designed to mitigate the possibilities of virus transmittal amongst participants, staff, protecting families and the public. These operating regulations are a necessary component of our capacity to satisfy VIHA requirements in support of a return to on-track activities.

All motorsports participants are required to review and agree to this social agreement prior to gaining entry. Failure to do so will result in denial of access. Failure to comply with the tenets of this agreement at any point while attending the property will result in removal.

As a participant I agree:

. To review and digitally sign the participant registration and contact tracing form and the liability waiver required reserving and confirming my attendance.
. To review and abide by all posted COVID-19 informational and guidance material located at various critical locations throughout the property.
. To follow all direction of speedway staff in compliance with the posted information regarding virus transmission mitigation

Furthermore, I understand that refusal or inability to follow these guidelines and directions could result in removal from the property in order to protect others.