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What you need to Know

Our supporters are what make events at SMP special and we appreciate every one of them. The staff, volunteers, racers and performers are proud to work hard ensuring an unforgettable experience and part of that is knowing what to expect. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the following information we encourage you to reach out to us.

SMP is being developed into a multi-venue motorsports, events, and training complex maintaining Saratoga Speedway as the central attraction!

Over the next several seasons, new venues will be added to form up the Park!

The R-Ace beer gardens is serving award winning Ace Brewing suds above corner-4!

A state of the art custom Go-Kart raceway and a fleet of high-energy electric Karts will provide thrills and a home for the Saratoga Junior Kart Club!

A substantially serviced RV camp with washrooms, showers and laundry facilities, an amazing giant koi-pond, and playgrounds for the junior racers and campers!

The “off-road training track and Monster-Truck range will provide thunder, action, and car-crushing excitement and the ATV training program via the Comox Valley ATV Racers Association! And yep; there’s more to come!!!

Welcome to Saratoga Motorsports Park! Race Play, Stay.

The racing surface is a unique 3/8-mile tri-oval featuring two banked corners and a long backstretch dogleg that provides plenty of room to do battle and challenges the best teams every race! Inner and outer concrete safety barriers were added in 2021 and the extensive billboard wall does triple-duty; providing a further measure of safety reaching 8’ above the concrete wall, reducing noise egress from the racing surface to the outlying area and to provide an amazing promotional platform for our many corporate and local sponsors!

We can seat approximately 2460 spectators in the bleachers, 64 more in the R-Ace Tables at the R-Ace Beer Gardens off corner-4, and further 400 fans distributed about the standing room areas. Hot meals, snacks hot and cold drinks are served from our 4 concourse concessions and 1-infield concession.  

Contact-free ticket transactions are available for all Race and Event programs and you can link to your next favourite experience by clicking right here.

Limited tickets are also available for walk-ups however to avoid disappointment we recommend you purchase your tickets online. 

Ticket prices and discounts:

Adults: $15
First Responder/Military: $12.50
Youth: $10.00 (5 years old +)
Youth: Free (4 years old & under)

Contact-free ticket transactions are available for all Race and Event programs and you can link to your next favourite experience by clicking right here.

Limited tickets are also available for walk-ups however to avoid disappointment we recommend you purchase your tickets online. 

Ticket prices and discounts.

The box office is easy to spot: through the wrought iron gates under the “Welcome Race Fans” sign. The right-hand booth will accept walk-up fans as well as pre-paid tickets and passes while the left hand booth is set-up to move those with pre-paid tickets and passes only into the concourse with minimal delay. 

Tip: During peak hours there will be a third ticket booth available to the left of the main-gate, to welcome both walk-up and pre-paid ticket entry.

Please note that the following items are prohibited from entry and SMP reserves the right to legally search any bag being carried through the gate:

  • Alcohol or controlled substances
  • Food or Drink (unless it’s required for special dietary requirements)
  • Weapons/knives

Once you’ve been admitted into the speedway you can exit again if needed through the same gate but don’t forget to stop at the booth first and get a wrist-band so we know you’ve already been admitted!! 

The speedway offers designated grandstand seating for every event. Seats are selected upon purchase and the stands are divided up into sections and rows; have a look up on the back of the bleachers at each entrance to find the section numbers.

We’ve improved accessibility at the speedway and will continue to develop our accessibility program throughout SMP as new venues are developed. Accessible parking can be found right outside the concourse entry and features a concrete walkway leading through the entry to a newly paved concourse making it easier for mobility device operations.

The paved portion of the concourse leads to a viewing platform at the centre of the grandstand complex offering an unobstructed view of the race surface as well as direct access to challenge-free washroom facilities and concession kiosks. 

We remain open to suggestions from race fans who utilize our accessible facilities and encourage feedback.   

We are pet lovers honestly, but sorry; pets are not allowed in the Saratoga Speedway complex with the exception of service animals (Official service animal and/or ESA certificate(s) required).

We invite pet owners to leave their pets at home or with their favourite buddy while visiting us here in Black Creek and not in their vehicles here at the Park. Temperatures can soar in the valley, which can present a deadly health hazard for your pets. 

In the event of inclement weather racing will be temporarily suspended until the racing surface is safe for competition. If the weather is sustained making it unsafe to continue racing we will announce an end to the program. Should this event-call occur before the time-trial qualification races against the clock are completed, guests will be reimbursed their ticket value minus processing fees.

If this event-call occur after 50% of the first feature event program has been completed there will be no refunds or rain cheques issued.

SMP does not provide refunds; see our “RAINOUT” and “CURFEW” policies above.

For the comfort and health of our guests and SMP is proud to provide a smoke and vape free environment throughout all spectator areas.

Alcohol is prohibited from entry or consumed openly outside of the R-Ace Beer Gardens located at the corner-4 side of the concourse.

Lots of SMP official swag is available at the R-Ace Beer Garden service centre located at the Corner-4 side of the concourse.


SMP strictly prohibits the use of any unmanned remotely controlled vehicle anywhere on SMP property without written consent of the general managers.

Furthermore, SMP is located in restricted airspace that prohibits the use of UAV without government authorization. UAVs found operating on or from SMP is subject to seizure and the operator’s access privileges will be removed. 

The speedway pit area requires enhanced access protocol.

Access is restricted to those older than 11 (except in the case of Jr. competitors) and all access requires strict waiver control. Contact Saratoga Speedway in advance for more details.

The speedway features 5 concessions for spectators including the R-Ace Beer Gardens, and the “Pit-stop” concession for racers in the infield. We’re proud to offer our fans with online menu selection negating the need to stand in long-lines and miss out on exciting racing action! Our concessions are named: “Corner-4” “Front-Stretch” “Snackers” “Café” and the “R-Ace Beer Gardens” They offer a variety of hot and cold meals, snacks and beverages! 

Menus can be found here.

TIP: Fanciever Radios allow our fans to listen in on instructions and action between the race director and the tower during live race action!! They are available for purchase at the R-Ace Swag Outlet in the beer gardens!

It takes a substantial community to keep SMP firing on all 8 cylinders! We require all vendors; solicitors; and/or service providers to request access in advance.

Requests for media access and potential marketing partners are requested to contact one of the GMs directly and in advance: Pat Monsigneur  

SMP is a unique market-space that provides great opportunity to turn our fans and enthusiasts into your customers! We offer several marketing platforms throughout our program and include great racing perks for our local and corporate marketing partners!

Have a look at our billboard walls in front of which legendary throw-downs take place every weekend from April to October!

Contact to discuss your marketing campaign needs!

COVID 19 Information

Saratoga Motorsports Park has closely followed the guidelines and requirements provided throughout the pandemic crisis. We are committed to following the Provincial orders as they evolve. The current order does not require verification of vaccination for our events:
We will follow provincial updates and requirements as they evolve to keep all of our guests and participants as safe as possible through the COVID pandemic crisis.