Racing School

Racing School

Please note: Driving School is booked up till the end of June and will resume in taking booking in July and August


Hello Race Fans For everyone interested in racing a car at Saratoga Speedway, especially people who are under 16 years of age, you should consider attending our Racing School, where tomorrow’s champions are trained.

All drivers who do not have a valid highway license must complete the Racing School before competing at the speedway. The age requirement for the driving school is that students must be 12 years of age at the start of the racing season.

The driving school consists of hands-on experience in a variety of vehicles, starting with go-carts, then old street cars, followed by two-seater race cars. There is also a theory section, covering all the basics of running and maintaining a winning race car, including setup of the car, construction, engines, and how to get and keep sponsorships.

The course generally runs on weekends, but during the week is also available for those hard to schedule. The cost of the racing school is $250.00 for children under 16 and $350.00 for adults. This fee covers fuel, track time, and instructional materials which students can keep.

Please e-mail for registration.

Note: all students under the age of 18 years old must have a valid Minor Release signed by both parents. Forms are available at the Speedway.