Roadrunner Rules



Snell Approved full face helmet with either face shield or bubble goggles.

Snell 95 or better recommended with face shield.

Approved neck brace.

Approved window net.

Approved racing belts. 3-inch lap and shoulder belts with minimum 2-inch submarine belt.

Flame retardant long sleeve coveralls or approved driving suit.

2½ lb. Fully charged fire extinguisher with mounting bracket.

Approved racing seat. (Optional)

Miscellaneous items that are needed

Roof sign.


Spare parts. ( That is parts not attached to the car.)

Good quality high back bucket seat with headrest. (Approved racing seat recommended. Racing seat not included in claim.)

Sealed battery box. ( a plastic marine box works well )

Marine / boat tank or fuel cell




Open to any stock production North American sedan or hardtop car, with a minimum manufacturers wheelbase of 108 inches. No Camaros or Firebirds.

All combustible material, plastic components, lights, chrome, ornaments, door handles, locks, exterior trim, and glass must be removed with the exception of the, front windshield, dashboard, and complete working windshield wiper assembly,.

Steering lock device must be removed or deactivated.

All holes in firewall and floor must be sealed and seal trunk area from passenger compartment with metal at least as thick as the body panel.

No removal of any inner panels. (hood, trunk, doors, front fenders, etc).

Unibody cars must connect left front frame rail to rear frame. Right side optional.

The use of minimum 2×2 tubing recommended.

Doors to be securely closed. Welded, bolted or chained.

Four outside corner windshield tabs (straps) required. To stop windshield from falling out forwards.

Two inside windshield bars attached to roof and dash (cowl), eight to twelve inches apart from centre required, to stop windshield from falling in.

Hood and trunk lid must be securely held closed. The use of hood pins or ready rod. No Bolts.

Access holes required in hood. Minimum four-inch diameter, one in the left side and one in the right side.

Battery must be mounted in sealed battery box. Any wires going through the firewall must be shielded.

The use of a seat belt works well for securing battery and box.

Stock gas tank must be removed and boat tank securely installed in trunk as far forward as possible. Two straps minimum, 1½-inch wide. Cut a four-inch drain hole in the lowest part of the trunk floor. If fuel line goes through passenger compartment, it must go through steel pipe or tubing.

Fire extinguisher installed in quick release bracket securely mounted within drivers reach.

Window net, secure the bottom. Install a quick release on the top front.

The use of a seat belt clip works.

Seat belts securely mounted. The use of the existing mounts allowed. If remounting, large thick flat washers required. The shoulder belts go through the back of the seat not around the sides and should be mounted at shoulder height to the cage support.

Bumper corners, front and rear must be strapped to the body so that they cannot hook another car. 1/8 thick flat material should be used.

Some sort of lifting or towing device attached to the centre of the front and rear bumpers for emergency towing. The use of chain works well.

No oil or transmission fluid coolers allowed in passenger compartment.

A 360-degree drive shaft loop, installed 8 to 12 inches behind front U-joint required.

A minimum 1-gallon radiator overflow container connected to radiator.

Radiator protection bars allowed within body sheet metal.

Black 2-inch wide roof sign numbers only. Must be displayed on a minimum 24 x 24 inch vertical upright roof sign securely mounted, painted the same colour as the car. Yellow. No 3-digit numbers.


Left side. Minimum 8-inch wide channel iron or equivalent (flat side out), from behind front wheel opening to in front of rear wheel opening. Secure to car with minimum of three (3) 5/8 bolts with flat washers or plates. Round off or angle ends of material so that it won’t damage another car.

Right side. Minimum 6-inch wide channel iron or equivalent, attach in the same manner as the left side.


Two upright bars, one directly behind driver and one on the passengers side, attached to roof and floor. Attach each upright to roof and floor with a minimum 8×8 steel flange using minimum four ½ inch bolts. Minimum two two-inch diameter washer per bolt. Recommend each upright bar be braced backwards within six inches of the roof to the floor using minimum two ½ bolts with two-inch washers.

A cross brace (spreader bar) installed from drivers side behind upright, to passengers side. This bar must be flanged and bolt to outer door or side protection.

Upright and spreader bar minimum diameter 3½-inch, back brace bar minimum diameter of 2-inch.

Pad any area where the driver may come in to contact with.

The above side protection and roll cage are minimum requirements, you have the option to build or install a proper roll cage with side protection bars but remember what class this is.

~Extra bars, bracing or supports may be required. Tech discretion~


All front and rear suspension and related parts must be and remain stock for make and model of car.

Minimum ½ wheel stud’s mandatory on left and right front hubs.

No longer bolts.

No cutting or heating of springs allowed.

Left and right front springs, and left and right rear springs must match each other exactly.

No helper springs.

Non-adjustable shocks. No coil over shocks.

All brakes must be in working order at all times.


Maximum rim width is 6-inch. No wheel spacers.

No offset rims.

Steel rims only. All rims must be the same size. 14″, 15,” 16″”, etc. No mismatching.

Reinforced front rims. Double plating the centre is an easy way to reinforce.

Aftermarket rims (spoke type) of 3/16 material allowed.

All tires must be the same size. Maximum width 205. Minimum 60 series.


Up to and including 350 cid engines are permitted.

All above cubic inch displacement subject to a previous over bore rebuild.

Motor mounts must be stock, mounted in stock location.

Steel fan blade only. No fibreglass, viscous drive or clutch type fan assembly.

Valve covers will need extension tubes installed to prevent oil from escaping.



Stock two barrel carburetor or Stock 4 barrel quadrajet carburetor. Must use O.E.M. stock cast iron intake.

No aftermarket replacement or universal Holley’s.

Jetting allowed.

Removal of choke butterfly allowed.

No plastic or glass fuel filters. Metal only.

No spacers.


Mufflers mandatory.

Exhaust must exit the body of the car at the back of car or side of car behind the driver not dumped under the car.



Stock O.E.M. automatic only with stock O.E.M. torque converter.

No two (2) speeds allowed.

No standard transmission.

Transmission cross member and mount must be stock in stock location.

No posi track or limited slip rear ends allowed. Please ensure that the when wheels are turned, they must turn in opposite direction.

Oil cooler allowed.


First Amendment: TIME CAP RULE

Any car that runs a time less than 19 seconds will be deemed illegal for that race, no points or finish will be recorded. If the time cap is broken in qualifying, no points, and car will start at the back of all races, and in the Main Event, no passing points will be awarded.

Second Amendment

The Rules state all the alterations permitted in this class, any other alterations will be deem illegal modifications. IE: Adding weight.