Saratoga Speedway “Home-Class” Rules and Operations Suggestions 2021

Saratoga Speedway “Home-Class” Rules and Operations Suggestions 2021

Welcome to all racers representing the Saratoga Speedway home-classes who are interested in making suggestions regarding rules and operations that effect their favourite racing venue! It’s been an amazingly dynamic period this summer for Rob and Lee Leighton taking on ownership of the property and in doing so, they ensured that Vancouver Island will be home to a premium motorsports venue that we can all participate in, support, and be proud of for many years to come.

As we very quickly discovered there are a lot of racers with a lot to say regarding rules, operations and safety. We indicated at the Test ‘N Tune event in September that we want to hear what you have to say but we realized the “town-hall” idea wasn’t going to be efficient so we developed this format of contactless discussion to allow racers to make suggestions.

We’ve assembled a rules committee that will review all submissions and if necessary make direct contact for clarifications.  The committee is tasked to review existing rules, collect and review pertinent suggestions, compare other track formats and to make changes where necessary to the official 2021 rulebook that will help ensure the long-term viability and growth of racing on the island in the face of increased urban pressures.

Only our “home-class” racers will be able to make suggestions. There are other classes that race at Saratoga however these classes have organized clubs and associations that develop and enforce their own rules and policies and have a collective opportunity to make suggestions and requests through their organization’s officials.

If you are a racer/crew-chief/owner in any of the following classes we encourage you to follow the instructions and submit your suggestions before 30 October:

  • Hornet “A”, “B”
  • Road Runner
  • Bomber
  • Modified
  • Mad-Max
  • Crash-to-pass


This page will allow racers a vehicle to list their top 5 rules suggestions and top 2 operations suggestions. Every submission must be accompanied by some personal information in order to be accepted and all personal information will be kept confidential. We are asking for straight-up suggestions/observations about everything from tech and race rules to concession operations. Please make your suggestions thoughtful, constructive, and mindful of the objective; we will not consider suggestions that contain personal attacks, foul or divisive language or suggestions that do not pertain to speedway operations or rules.   

All personal information will be kept secure and confidential; your personal information will only be know to Speedway management. 

To make your voice heard just locate the tab that links to your chosen class and follow the instructions.



  1. If you do not intend to make any suggestions but you do intend to race next season please click on the appropriate tab and check the “yes I intend to race in the “X” class in 2021”.
  2. Only suggestions from racers/owners/crew chiefs who intend to race in 2021 will be accepted. There is a place on the suggestions sheet that will identify the person making the suggestions, their team/car number and their connection (crew-chief; owner; driver).
  3. The deadline for submissions is 30 October and will be made available at Saratoga infield concession and available at the track for purchase before the end of November so: Christmas stockings…
  4. If there is a rule in the rulebook that has not necessarily been supported and upheld in the past however is still on the books do not consider that rule as dormant or not enforceable in the future.  For instance if the book shows an outer door-bar installation requirement of minimum 6-inches wide however for years you have been getting away with your 4 inch width do not assume you will be allowed to continue to use that 4inch bar. If it says 6 inches in the rules you will not be able to race your car until it has a 6-inch bar. The rules that are published will be supported and enforced. If you wish to suggest that the rule should be changed to 4-inch bar this is your opportunity: follow the instructions.
  5. Saratoga Speedway is considering running Late Model and Stock Car series for 2021 season. Lets grow these classes!
  6. All drivers will be required to have and use a serviceable “RACECiever” one-way radio and (single or dual) ear-buds in order to participate in any race. “RACECievers” are readily available online: RACE CEIVER PLUS  and will be made available at Saratoga infield concession for purchase.  These are one-way communications devices. Drivers found utilizing any other radio than authorised by Saratoga Speedway will be penalized all racing points and position if any for that event, and will also be disqualified for the next race.
  7. Saratoga Speedway will operate with the following officials at every track-sanctioned scheduled race event:
  • Race Director (you will hear the race director on your radio)
  • Statistician/telemetry/Score-Clock operator
  • Flag-person
  • Pit-boss
  • Pit-Boss assistant
  • Technical Director(s)
  • Back-track marshal
  • Safety team
  • Security chief
  • Operations managers

8. Official challenges are to be delivered in accordance with the rules book to the following officials only:

  • Pit Boss
  • Technical Director(s)
  • Operations Managers







(Keep your suggestions brief and to the point. Do not personally attack anyone or use foul language, keep in mind your suggestions are going to be used to consider definitive changes to racing at Saratoga speedway. Do your research before submitting changes; compare other rules books from other tracks for inspiration and clarification).


You may be contacted for clarification or confirmation of affiliation to a team. All personal information will be kept secure and private.