Senior Car Control Courses

Senior Car Control Courses

Regain your confidence!

Senior drivers have decades of driving experience in all weather and road conditions, many even in different countries around the globe. That experience is a wonderful valuable asset of any senior driver.



On the other hand, the “normal” aging process slows down reflexes and effects vision among other challenges of aging.


400-senior-driver-But is does not have to be that way!

The good news is, we don’t have to accept the “normal” aging process.






As more and more seniors are adding fitness training to their daily routine,  science acknowledges that even our minds can be trained and constantly improved, up to a very high age. This is part of healthy aging, healthy bodies and  healthy minds.

Our senior car control courses are a great way to improve your mental fitness and safe driving capabilities.



The Courses are tailored to our senior citizens and conducted in a controlled and safe environment, lead by experienced instructors.


Lets look at some of the topics of our Senior Car Control Training:


  • Collision avoidance exercises will improve reaction times and reflexes and help avoid target fixation
  • Precision driving will help to make you aware of the true dimensions of your vehicle
  • Slalom exercises, very useful for proper eye scanning techniques and vehicle control
  • Emergency braking. Discover the stopping distances of your vehicle on wet surfaces
  • How does your cars ABS work? How is it effecting braking and vehicle control on wet surfaces?
  • What to do in a skid? What is over and understeer? Our skid pad training will help you to manage and improve your car control even on slippery surfaces.


Our Senior Driving Course will make you a more confident driver!


“We had a very valuable and wonderful experience during the driving seminar. We highly recommend Saratoga Car Control Courses for every driver”

Steve Hrybko, Head Bus Driver, School District 72



Course details:



Car Control Center at Saratoga



Please contact us, we will try to suit your schedule



4 hrs



$99 per person plus GST, including hot and cold beverages and the certificate of completion

You are welcome to bring your own car, if you do not have a car, we have rental cars available for a minimum fee.


For general questions or inquiries please contact:


Phone/text: 1 250 830 4223


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