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Driver Training Experience

We’ve had our training program in a holding pattern since early 2021 due to developments in infrastructure and training program.  We’ve received a significant amount of inquiries from interested students and parents who have been patiently awaiting a return to training operations! 

We’ve used the time to re-construct the program from the ground up; our mission remains to be able to offer consistent, professional, focussed and refined driver training programs able to meet the levels of training requested. From first-time drivers who won’t be eligible for their “L” for several more years to advanced circle-track competitors; off-road adventurers and drag racers we’re continuing to receive inquiries and requests. 

We’re nearly there but it won’t happen before the end of the present racing season. As soon as we’re able we’ll announce  details here on our website and on our FB page. In the mean-time don’t be shy to sign up! We have created a waiting list for potential students and you can get your name or your children’s name on that list. Follow the link below to a registration page. This doesn’t commit you to the program; it just gets your name on the list to get in line for training when it again becomes available and to receive any updates. When the program once again goes live we’ll have your name and will reach out to you directly to offer training programs, experiences and dates that suit your needs.

We thank all of our students in-waiting for their patience and understanding as we develop a program like very few others; stay tuned for more announcements.

Driver Training Registration

This registration form is not binding, you are not obligated to undertake training or pay any fees. Instead it will provide us with a point of contact for future announcements, and to get potential students names on our waiting list in the order of their submission. When the new program has been completed and made official we’ll contact each person to follow-up with their registration and if you’re ready for an amazing driver training experience we’ll schedule an appropriate course date with you!

COVID 19 Information

Saratoga Motorsports Park has closely followed the guidelines and requirements provided throughout the crisis. We are committed to meeting or exceeding the Provincial orders as they evolve. At this time there is no requirement to verify vaccinations for spectators.
We will continue to meet and exceed provincial guidelines, updates, new orders and all enhanced hygienic requirements as they evolve.

The goal of Saratoga Motorsports Park is to provide a safe and welcome environment for our entire and valued motorsports community: guests, participants, service providers and staff at all times.