Race Results

Mobile Apps

Note: These Apps are the property of and were designed by MYLAPS. Saratoga Speedway staff may be able to help you with any issues, but recommendations for improvement should be sent to MYLAPS.

For live results use the MYLAPS Live Timing app, this app needs to be purchased and is available for Android and Apple.

For results from past races or events use the MYLAPS Event Results app, this app is free and is available for Android and Apple. This app is no longer supported and suggests you use Speedhive below.

The MYLAPS Speedhive app combines the features from the previous two apps and adds several features that drivers who own their own Transponder may take advantage of. This app does require in app purchases and to create a MYLAPS Account to get full functionality out of. It is available for Android and Apple. Viewing the results of past events does not require an account.