General Rules

These are the finalized rules, also available in print form


Rule Book Disclaimer

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND / OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.



  1. All persons, drivers, pit crew, officials and sponsors, must sign their own release before entering the pit. Persons under the age of 18 must have a completed minor release form on file for the current year.
  2. Valid pit pass must be worn in a conspicuous place at all times when in the pit area. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. No intoxicating or controlled substances are to be consumed before or during a race meet. Anyone found on the premises impaired by drugs or alcohol will be evicted.
  4. No one is allowed on the track during races.
  5. Anyone crossing the track on foot will do so only at the “Starters” tower with the Starters permission.
  6. No foul language or altercations are to be directed at any speedway personal, official, fan, pit crew, or competitor. If you are warned by an official and disregard said warning, you are liable for a fine, penalty, and possible eviction from the track depending on the severity of the offence. Fines will be imposed at the discretion of the officials.
  7. No riding on vehicles or trailers anywhere on track property.
  8. No standing or sitting on top of vehicles during a race meet.
  9. No private vehicles will be allowed in the pit area before or during racing events, unless special permission has been received from the management or official.
  10. Tow vehicles and trailers allowed into pit area 5 minutes after the last race of the program is completed unless otherwise specified.
  11. Speeding in the pit area by anyone will not be tolerated. Fine, suspension or eviction will be imposed.
  12. Failure to pay fines will result in suspension, forfeiture of prize money and / or points.
  13. Perpetual trophies must be returned upon request.



Gates open 5:30 pm.
Hot laps till 6:00 pm. Practice time. 
Drivers meeting before qualifying. Pit crew welcome. 
Time trials ( qualifying) 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

  • Time trials will be either one or two consecutive laps. If you pit after one lap, you will not be permitted a second lap.
  • All cars time in by class. Cars that do not time in with their class for any reason will not be allowed to time in, will not be in trophy dash, will start at the back of all line ups and will not receive passing points.
  • CRASH-TO-PASS cars that do not time in will start in the middle of the line up and will not receive passing points.
  • If for any reason there is no qualifying, line up will based on reversed point standings.
  • Any car breaking the track record in qualifying must report to tech. Previous track record holder has the option to defend his/her record with a one lap time in.

National Anthem. All drivers and track personal line up on track. All other people in the pit line up as directed.

The first dash of the night. Cars should be lined up on the track before the National Anthem.
The second dash. Cars should lined up in the pit.
Trophy dashes. Cars that time in are eligible. 4 cars for 4 laps. No points. Trophies only.
Heat races. Must complete one green flag lap to qualify for points.
Main events. Must complete one green flag lap to qualify for points. One full lap does not have to be completed by all cars before the race is officially started.
Gates open. Fans allowed down on track to meet drivers.



  1. The starter will be sole authority regarding competition on the track.
  2. Permission must be obtained from the starter for any practice before races or during an intermission.
  3. The Pit Boss will be the sole authority regarding activity in the pit.
  4. Top 3 cars from the main events must go directly to tech pad after trophy presentation.
  5. Each car is required to have at least one working minimum 5 Lb. fire extinguisher and a broom in the pit area at all times.
  6. No race car shall carry more than one person at any time unless authorized to do so by the officials.
  7. No cars will enter a race other than at the designated entrance.
  8. Intentional bumping, rubbing, or short braking will result in loss of position and /or fine and /or disqualification from the event. Except for contact races only.
  9. To be eligible for guarantee, (tow-dough) car must time in and compete in one race event.
  10. Visitors will be allowed one race meet (not championship) before they must comply to local rules. Cars in excess of local rules will not qualify for any trophy dashes and can finish no better than 5th place in the main.
  11. Any race suspension by an out of town club must be in consultation with track officials and management of Saratoga Speedway in order to apply at Saratoga.
  12. Cars that have moved up a class uninvited for three or more race meets must remain in that Class.
  13. 3/10th Rule: If a car is timed during any race and is found to be 3/10th or greater faster than qualified the car will start at the back of the remaining appropriate races and receive no passing points.



  1. Drivers must fill in official entry and registration forms and submit them to back gate. Any driver under the age of 16 must have completed and passed the Saratoga Speedway Driving School course. Exception for figure 8 drivers only.
  2. Drivers must wear approved safety equipment whenever the car is on the track.
  3. A driver that qualifies a car is expected to drive that car for the remainder of the event. A replacement driver that did not time in the car must obtain approval by officials. The car will start at  the back of the line up and will not receive passing points.
  4. Any driver involved in an accident must submit to a check over by the first aid attendant.
  5. Any car involved in a major accident must be checked over by safety crew before being allowed back onto the track.
  6. The Driver is responsible for his / her car and the conduct of their crew during a race meet. Penalties or suspensions of a crew member may be applied to the driver. Drivers and pit crew are expected to deal with fans in a friendly and courteous manner when the come on to the track or into the pit area after racing events. Please sign autographs with a smile since you are shaping the image of the sport of auto racing.
  7. Ignorance of the rules, specifications or equipment is no excuse for running illegal. It is up to the car owner to make sure their car is legal.
  8. It is the responsibility of the car owner to state what he or she has in the engine and running gear if requested to do so by Tech. The owner must remove part(s) as requested by Tech. for inspection. This will be at the owner’s expense. The Tech. has the authority to refuse any car to race.


All transponders must be mounted using a proper bracket. Mounted at least one foot behind the rear axle. The transponders must also be mounted in such a way that the dark grey portion of the transponder has a clear view of the racetrack, with no metal or carbon fiber in the way, and at least one foot of clearance towards the rear of the car. For exceptionally small cars an exception may be made.


If disqualified because of a black flag followed by a red flag the car will lose all points for that race and may not be able to compete in any other race that night.

If failing to pass post race tech inspection the car will lose trophy and points for that race and depending on the severity of the infraction may lose all trophies, points, records, prize money, tow-dough for that night, and may also have a one race suspension imposed. Tech discretion.

If a car is disqualified for being illegal the remainder of the field will move up in points.


Prize money will be withheld on all protested cars until protest has been ruled on.

Any protest as to the legality of a car must be submitted in writing to Tech. and must contain a specific reason or reasons for complaint. The protest must be signed by the maker and a cash deposit must be submitted with the protest. If the car is found to be legal, the deposit will go the owner to help pay for gaskets etc. and any inconvenience caused. If the car is found to be illegal, the deposit will be refunded. A $125.00 deposit is required for any protest dealing with the engine of a car. A $75.00 deposit required for a protest dealing with any other parts of a car. Tech. will use discretion in making a decision.

  • The person making the protest will not be permitted to attend the teardown.
  • The identity of the person making the protest will be kept confidential.
  • The time and place of teardown will be established by Tech.
  • Cars being protested will be impounded no later than the end of the race meet.
  • All protests must be made within 15 minutes of the main event.
  • Publicity concerning the teardown is strictly prohibited, but the decision as to the legality and penalty may be made public.



Drivers must know the meaning of, recognize, and obey each flag.

Failure to obey the flags will result in loss of position at finish and /or fine or disqualification from the event, at the discretion of the starter.

GREEN FLAG: Go. Race has started, no passing before the start / finish line, except on single file
restart, when you can see the green flag, go.

YELLOW FLAG: Caution. Slow down to a safe speed. No passing. Pull into a single file. Race line up
will revert back to the last completed green flag lap. Yellow flag laps do not count as recorded laps.

RED FLAG: Stop. Race is stopped. Come to a complete stop within a reasonable distance.
Allow the cars following, room to stop. Proceed to line-up when directed.

BLACK/ORANGE CIRCLE FLAG: Mechanical. Report to infield. Repair and return with approval of an official.

BLUE OR YELLOW: Hold Position. Car flagged is being lapped. Check to rear so as not to cut off

BLACK FLAG: Consultation.. When a driver receives a full black flag, he or she will slow down and pull into the pit as soon as possible and consult with an official. If a driver does not pull in within 3 laps the race may be stopped and the driver will be disqualified.

WHITE FLAG: Final lap.

CHECKERED FLAG: Race is over. No extra laps except the winning car(s). Winning car(s) proceed to start / finish line.

  • A spin or accident on the first lap brings out a yellow or red flag. Flagman’s discretion whether to have a complete restart.
  • Any car causing a yellow or red flag situation during a race after the first lap will go to the back of the line-up at the discretion of the starter. Cars involved in a multi car pile up may not all be put at the back of the line-up.
  • Any car that enters the pit during a yellow or red flag will restart at the back of the line-up.
  • Red flag, all drivers must stay in their cars unless on fire or upside down.
  • Red flag and accidents, only officials and one pit crew member when directed allowed per car.
  • Any car with more than 1 pit crew member or tools of any kind will go to the back of the line-up on restart.
  • Once your car has received a black flag, your car will not be recorded / scored again until you have reported to the pit and been cleared to return to the race.
  • Popcorn Yellows. Crash-to-pass only. Fall into single file, there will be no line up.

Two Perpendicular Flags: Give racing room.


A Yankee start is when the green flag is thrown and a car passes the pole position car by one full car length before the start-finish line. If a Yankee start has occurred, the race may proceed, with the trophy and/or win, (points), going to the appropriate car. Not all starts that some people think was a Yankee start will be called because there are a lot of different circumstances to look at before this call should be made.